Black tea perfumed

In the 1950s, Jean Jumeau-Lafond gives a second life to flavored teas enriching the idea of timeless Earl Grey. A Taste mixture Russian Douchka born of his passion, and his genius. An intimate setting, inspired by his wife who added a slice of orange in her cup of Earl Grey, and brought a touch of sweetness and a creamy and delicate liqueur. Since then, experts Dammann Frères combine talent and inspiration to combine the flavors unique to black teas from China, Ceylon flavored with fruits, flowers and spices, drawn from the four corners of the world.

  • Earl Grey
    A subtle marriage of teas sourced from Keemun region in China, delicate silver tips and bergamot from Calabria essential oil. It results in a balanced premium Earl Grey
  • Coquelicot Gourmand
    Black teas from China and Sri Lanka are united to pink peony and cornflower petals, then associated with poppy, biscuit and almond paste flavours. Sweets or grand′ ma cakes, make your choice !
  • Jardin Bleu
    This blend of black teas sourced from Ceylon and China flavoured with rhubarb and wild strawberry, and scattered with cornflowers petals lends a fruity note to the infusion. It can be served iced too
  • Thé des Mille Collines
    Although the Rwandan landscapes, lush and hilly, inspire a gentle way of life, the teas they produce are strong and full-bodied. This blend combines the strength of Rwanda black tea and the fragrance of fine spices: ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, pink peppercorn and clove. It can be enjoyed with a drop

Dark tea flavored

Dark tea surprising scent of wet earth, Pu-Erh is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. However, some who appreciate the virtues are more difficult to accommodate mineral notes affirmed this tea. To mitigate the specific aromatic notes without the mask, the expertise of Dammann Frères flavoring is expressed here with delicacy and subtlety to offer three new fragrance, fruity and delicious blends.

  • Élégie Pourpre
    Pu-Erh tea from China with the warm and lifting notes of a bouquet of undergrowth flavoured with the aromas of dark berries, vanilla and heliotrope.

Green tea perfumed

Green tea provides a tonic and fresh taste you love a spring or summer day cup. This database combines harmoniously with gourmet aromatic, fruity and floral. To create these mixtures, our experts have selected green teas lively character, fruity and fresh flavors that enhance and essential oils. Greedy and sometimes velvety, sometimes fresh and tonic, flavored iced teas are to be discovered. Dammann Frères invites you to extend the pleasure throughout the year.

  • Christmas Tea vert
    This China green tea scented with orange essential oil and flavoured with vanilla and spices, adorned with orange peels and pieces of apple delivers a unique infusion inspired by Christmas scents.
  • L′Oriental
    China Sencha green tea is blended with passion fruit, bush peach and wild strawberry flavours, and embellished with fruits pieces and flower petals to deliver a highly fragrant cup, smooth and fresh.
  • Tendre Rosée
    Spring crop from China with long emerald leaves combined with jasmine flowers. Pitanga, cherimoya, strawberry and daisy flavours give fresh and slightly acid notes to this blend. A fresh and herbaceous harmony paying tribute to the spring season.
  • Touareg
    For Touareg people, tea ceremony is a way to show their guests their hospitality. This blend consists of Chinese Gunpowder, mint leaves and natural "Nanah" mint aroma.

White tea perfumed

Freshness, delicacy and subtlety emanate from these mixtures, variations on the tea precious white down. Natural flavor and freshness of white tea is divinely revealed and communicate with woody scents, spicy and floral. Each creation can be enjoyed throughout the day for a moment of absolute relaxation and escape. Try it iced for a fragrant infusion, very cool.

  • Passion de Fleurs
    Delicate white tea, composed by the subtle rose, apricot and passion perfumes, sprinkled with rose petals. It delivers a fresh and flavor liquor.


  • Lapsang Souchong
    To Westerners, this is the Chinese tea, whilst to the Chinese this is a foreigner′s tea. From either perspective its pungent smoky flavour has become a classic, one which makes a great accompaniment to savoury dishes.

Thé au Jasmin

  • Jasmin Yin Zhen
    This tea′s silver needles, adorned by a sumptuous down, boast a beauty which equals that of the fresh jasmine liquor which they impart. This rare example combines the finesse of a fine white tea with the sweet flavour of jasmine.

Fleurs de Thé

  • Fleur des Sept Fées
    A floral tea which, in blooming, frees seven jasmine flowers in the form of a rose and a marigold flower.

Thés verts du Japon

  • Sencha Fukuyu BIO
    The Sencha teas (crafted into flattened-needle shapes after a brief steam treatment) are appreciated in Japan for their refreshing flavour.This summer harvest offers a cup with strong vegetable notes, hints of fruit and a light bitterness.

Thés noirs de Darjeeling

  • Darjeeling Steinthal 2nd flush BIO G.F.O.P
    Created in 1874, Steinthal is the oldest plantation near the famous city of Darjeeling. Gives a fruity brew with a good long finish to enjoy all day. Plantation practising the organic farming since 1999.


  • Breakfast Max Havellar
    Blend of small tea leaves (Broken Orange Pekoe). Strong (without bitterness) for breakfast. A cold cloud of milk will develop its qualities even better. The Max Havelaar sign guarantees that this tea is issued from the fair trade.

Herbal tea

  • Camomille
    Cultivated in the temperate zones of Europe, its flowers are harvested from June to September. The infusion carries notes of citron and a light bitterness, akin to that of chicory, giving a long-lasting experience. Can be used to add a hint of aroma to salads and desserts.
  • Tisane du Berger
    Delicate, perfumed and aromatic, this fusion of herbal elements embodies all of the virtues of lime blossom, verbena, lemongrass, mint and orange blossom. A harmony of flavours not to be missed !